A printer is a device that could be used to print documents spontaneously, allowing users to get hard copies of any textual or graphical element, providing high quality and fine prints liked by everyone.

The Printer Setup & Software window will show up in the wake of redesigning your PC to another Windows rendition when you open the HP Printer Assistant.

Many companies sell printers in the business to meet the varied needs of the users. These printers extensive use for commercial, educational, professional and personal use. With the full range of printers accessible in the market, you get multiple functions in a single device.

These printers are accessible in laser, LED, etc. from which you can like according to your requirement. These organisations offer you different models of printers which can make your work more fruitful, and efficient.

A various range of printers available in the market:
  • HP Printers
  • Dell Printers
  • Canon Printers
  • Epson Printers
  • Brother Printers

The best feature of these printers is their connectivity. You don’t need a wire to connect to it. Instead, you need a wireless connection to be ready to use it anywhere. Another highlight of this device is you can print both in colour as well as black and white. These printers not only offer you printing but a smart scanning too. The latest feature of these printers is you can print directly from your social media account with as it helps many apps such as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, etc.

To experience these hallmarks, your PC needs to have a printer driver installed to connect with the printer. If your device already has any driver installed in it, you need to get the latest update of it. For new users, it is approved to go through the installation guide very thoroughly and follow the steps listed in the manual.

How to install the Printer driver on your system?

There are built-in drivers accessible on your system and also note that the installation levels of the built-in drivers are different depending on the connection you use.

Necessities to set up a printer on your device:

Before installing a printer, ensure that your system meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements.

    • Windows: it is recommended to use Windows 8.1 or later, or the order has been successfully deployed on versions as early as Windows 7.
    • CPU: Windows - Pentium 4 or newer.
    • Mac - Any x86 processor or more unique.
    • RAM: 2GB minimum, 4GB is supported.
    • Storage: At minimum 1GB of hard disc space.
    • Ports: Minimum one USB 2.0 or more modern port. Do not use hardware that connects by serial port or oblique port with our system.
    • Internet: it is advised to use a broadband connection with a speed of at least 5 - 10 Mbps.

Steps to follow while installing a printer

  • Open the Control Panel of your computer.
  • Open the Control Panel of your computer.
  • Tap “Add a printer”.
  • Select the model name and tap “Next”.
  • When the next window arrives, select the model from the Entrepreneur list.
  • Choose the model name and click “Next”. (Note: If you cannot find the desired printer model in the Printers list, click “Windows Update” to update the Printers list which may take a few minutes to update the Printers list).
  • The printer driver name will display in the Printer name field. We recommend typing your Printer name in the provided space for easy understanding.
  • Tap “Next”.
  • Click “Finish” to complete the installation process.

Resolving tech issues had never been so easy

You can get rid of printer related issues by seeking expert guidance. To ensure you express creativity at your best, you will need assistance at every step you take, whether it is removing an error or installation of printers. However, you may fall prey to some local vendors for advice as they may not turn out to be a trustworthy person for a reliable solution regarding printers.

Get Technical Support without a subscription Yes, you heard it right. You are eligible to get technical support for your printers even if you are not a contributor. However, there are several benefits of becoming a subscriber, but this doesn’t mean you won’t get support or response to your problems.

WAYS TO GET IN TOUCH WITH TECH SUPPORT TEAM Phone call- you must seek expert administration while dealing with technical issues related to your printer. For help, you can make a phone call and speak to customer executives who will provide you with the best solutions required to resolve a particular problem. If calling seems a question, there are other ways you can get in touch.

Live chat- You can chat with a member of the technical support team who will provide you with instructions and guidelines regarding your printer related query. Online chatting is an authenticate communication method concerning authenticity. The percentage of somebody seeking technical support via chat is increasing because they are getting adequate results quite immediately.

E-mail- An e-mail creates a record of your queries; that is why it counts as one of the best methods for some issues. On e-mail, you can tell your problems and get instant solutions without consistent struggles and much time using.

Like the right printer for your device and get it installed quickly. If you are having trouble while installing a printer on your device, you may explore expert advice.